While there is no hard and fast rule and you can ride any sized scooter you like the height of the scooter will impact on the comfort as well as ease of learning tricks.


The general rule of thumb is that the total height of the scooter should ideally fall between the top of the hips and the belly button.

Measure the rider with their feet on the floor and this will give you your guide height.


If the scooter falls outside this range it is not necessarily a problem but we definitely recommend the following:

No lower than the crotch - This will create an over balancing problem.

No higher than the solar plexus - The rider risks hitting their chin/teeth when performing a trick.


We have listed the total Scooter Height for each model in the specifications.

For easy choice you can also use the Product Filters on the website to narrow down your choice.


If you have any other questions please send us a message here.


Buying Guide Sizing Chart